Natural Pool

Isla Saona natural pool

Isla Saona Natural Pool

A phenomenon all too common in the Dominican Republic is also extremely common off the shores of Saona Island. Sandbars, large areas of accumulated sand that bring the ocean depth to just a few feet, can be enjoyed at different points around Saona. Visitors get to experience these waist-deep transparent waters hundreds of meters from the island's shoreline. Standing in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with waters just below your waist is quite the experience and an integral part of the Isla Saona excursion.

Private Yacht to Saona IslandOn most tours to Saona island, visitors are given an ample amount of time to wade about is these shallow aquamarine waters. Depending on the specific Saona package you book, you may have snorkeling equipment included to roam about the large natural swimming pools. Probably the biggest draw at the natural pool are the abundance of starfish indigenous to the region. These harmless sea creatures truly represent the tropical waters form which they are born and make for a great photo opportunity. As with all licensed tour operators, in cooperation with the Dominican government, the conservation of the area's starfish is taken seriously. Just a quick photo with the starfish and back in the water they go.

caribbean islandThe natural pool is also enjoyed, of course, with a nice tropical drink in hand. All Saona Island excursions include open bar service in the natural pool and some even have unlimited hors d'oeuvres. The open bar usually includes rich Dominican rum made from the best sugar cane in the world, local beer, soda, juice and water.

So, when you put this all together, waist-deep warm waters in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, palm tree lined coasts as far as they eye can see, beautiful starfish at your feet and some Dominican rum in your hand - we then ask, can life get any better? For those visiting Saona Island, it's a damn good question.