Speed Boat Saona Island

Paradise on Saona Island

Speed Boat to Saona Island

Saona Island speed boats usually hold about 30 individuals and they really rev there engines taking you out to Saona. Most people choose to take the speed boats out and the catamaran back. This is the way we recommend. Speed on the way out and a slow moving catamaran on the way back.

Speed Boat to Saona IslandFor safety purposes, everyone is given a life vest as you race into the Caribbean Sea and towards Saona Island. You'll follow the coast line of the National Park of the East, an 800 square kilometer, natural refuge protected by the Dominican government. The national park boasts an abundance of birds, reptiles and marine life. Iguanas, dolphins and sea turtles are not uncommon sights. More uncommon sights are humpback whales and manatees who have been known to swim through the park's pristine aquamarine waters.

The first and only stop on the speed boats is the natural swimming pool. Sandbars, that bring the ocean depth to just a few feet, can be enjoyed at different points around Saona. Visitors get to experience these waist-deep transparent waters hundreds of meters from the island's shore. Depending on the specific Saona package you book, you may have snorkeling equipment included to roam about the large natural swimming pools. Probably the biggest draw at the natural pool is the abundance of starfish indigenous to the region. These harmless sea creatures make for a great photo opportunity. As with all licensed tour operators, in cooperation with the Dominican government, the conservation of the area's starfish is taken seriously. Just a quick photo with the starfish and back in the water they go.

caribbean islandThe natural pool is also enjoyed, of course, with a nice tropical drink in hand. All Saona Island excursions include open bar service in the natural pool and some even have unlimited hors d'oeuvres. The open bar usually includes rich Dominican rum made from the best sugar cane in the world, local beer, soda, juice and water.

After the natural pool, it's back on the speed and off to the culmination of your excursion: Saona Island.